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  Inform you that Arafan Naein Company has constitute   in  1977 for   producing various kinds of Hydraulic Gear  Pumps.

  it became exploitable on 1998 and now produces various    kinds of   Hydraulic Gear Pumps from displacement  1cc/rev  to 60cc/rev in 3   groups :
  1 - Lo   (Small Size)
  2 - L     (Minimum Size)
  3 - LA   (Big Size)
 In two first years of exploit , Arafan Company often  produces Pumps for   industrial usage (static hydraulic)  but  according to new experiences   and abilities it entered  new  stage of producing pumps for Dynamic   Hydraulic  that it   use for bellow uses often as steering pump :
  1- Agricultural Machines                   2- Mineral Machines
  3- Road Construction Machines      4- Industrial Machines
  5- Transit Machines                           5- Road & Building Machine
  Remind you that these products expect as internal selling  export to 6   countries Middle East area as OEM (factories  consume) and spar   part and it improve its influences each  year continually .
  We ask you to inform us if you consume any kind of  Hydraulic Gear   Pumps in your company to send our  technical information as our   product action specification  and various kind of product and ... .












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